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Day 6 Quarantine:Dawn of Reality

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today I woke up at 11 am, guess thats what you call sleeping late.

Kind of felt guilty with myself, but then again yesterday was my country Namibia's independence day and we celebrate it a bit.

Even though Iam at home I always was a person of change, so today I changed my excercise routine. Decided not to shave today. After breakfast I read the news online and was sad to read how this Corona pandemic seems to get out of hand worldwide. I still feel like Iam in a Zombie movie.

Being isolated and under quarantine at home makes me feel like Iam one of a handful of survivors only. To make sure we are not alone, I chatted on Whatsapp and Video called some friends to catch up.

Listened to good music, watched some online videos of a online business I might join.

We also finalized my travel blog. For dinner we eat Chicken with rice.

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