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Day 5 Quarantine: Keeping fit

The weather is still chilly here in Riga, Latvia. Coming from warm Greece I am still adopting to the colder temperatures.

Namibian independence day - 21 March

Today I started my routine with my work out routine and meditation. Sent out Happy Independence day messages to my family and friends in Namibia, since it's my country's 30th Independence day from South African Apartheid rule. I prayed my mother, father and all the heroes who died during the war for independence.

Me and my wife Leila just after bike purchase

My wife Leila motivated me to go for a walk as we had to go pump up the tires of her flat bicycle.

We purchased a new bicycle for me. We went grocery shopping and made sure we kept to social distancing and hand washing. In the afternoon the sun was shining and we cycled the short distance back home.

In the evening we celebrated Namibia's independence with a Latvian champagne.

Famous Riga champagne

9 days more to go...

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