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Day 4 of Quarantine

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

No more sleeping in late, woke up early and did my 100 push ups and meditation.

Me, making 100 push ups

As a writer there are always unfinished stories and poems waiting to be edited and finalized.

Enjoy sitting and talking to my wife Leila, its being long that we both took time off our busy schedules to just reconnect.

By now I am used to being home and isolated.

If Nelson Mandela managed 27 years, the next few days are a joke compared.

I enjoy the peace and quiet of Riga, away from all the noise in Athens, Greece.

My wife Leila made a delicious chicken soup in the evening.

My wife's extremely delicious chicken soup

We finished the day off by rewatching the movie Django Unchained, one of my favorite.

Cute watching my wife falling asleep in my arms.

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