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Day 3 of Quarantine

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Panic & Fear

Death, the grim reaper continues to seek an audience with us all

Throughout history

peasants and kings were destined to answer his call

Prophets & scientists predicted a new disease will leave many sick with a rising death toll

New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, London, how many more of the mighty will fall?


Each day somewhere a church bell rings out Doctors lost count of how many dead bodies hospitals vomit out,

Tired and worn out preachers lead funeral processions, but only close family members are allowed.

Governments shut down borders because they failed to contain their crowds,

Fake news effectively keep spreading more fear and doubt.

The faithful believe Corona is a punishment God has sent

Some environmental scientists claim the way we abused this planet, was the beginning of the end.

With eight billion people sharing one planet, another disaster is imminent.

Now shops get raided, especially buying up toilet paper seems to be a trend

In times of need, people hoard food instead of sharing with a stranger or friend.

We have been here before, and I see rays of hope

"Make mercy the air you breathe,"

says the Roman Catholic church's Pope

The human spirit is resilient,

even under quarantine, let's sing and dance to cope

Death, the grim reaper must wait,

we shall cross this bridge of life, walking on a tight rope.

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