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Day 14 of Quarantine - We Survived It and Enjoyed It

Well I can't tell you how happy my wife both are that we survived the 14 days spending mostly at at home. But funny thing is we two could do it all over again again and again...

Here in Latvia the quarantine measures are not so strict so we were allowed to leave home and we kept to social distancing and avoided crowded places.

We took our camera and bicycles and explored parks and our neighbourhood more.

What I have learnded from the 14 days Quarantine, is that people should do that more often like spending weekends home with your loved ones even when this is all over.

I fell deeper in love with my wife and appreciate her, and I managed to get alot of work done which I was sitting on for a long time.

In the end Life is all about living it like you will die tomorrow.

To all those people still in Quarantine all over the world, I salute you.

If I can do so can you!! One Love

PS: While my Quarantine Diaries are coming to an end, an exciting new project will start on my blog)

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