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Day 12 of Quarantine - Practising Photography in Park

You know when you are under quarantine, your laundry piles up an it becomes a chore at which one becomes an expert (if you are not one already). I still haven't shaved, and my beard is slowly turning grey, but don't worry, it's not because of worries but age.

Yes, believe it or not, I passed the 40 years old mark, and the signs like grey beard start to show. Are you laughing? Well, wait till it hits you too. I exercised and I can feel my body thanking me for all the hard work I put in over the years. Looked into the mirror and felt good about me being fit, as you must not forget when you are under quarantine, you gain weight, hard to believe, but it's true.

Today Leila and I cycled to meet a dude who sold us a new lens for our trusted Canon 40 D camera, so after the deal we decided to head to the Riga Park and take some shots and test.

Well, you will be the judge of the pics.

I spent the whole afternoon in Park strolling and enjoying the swans and ducks. We bought 2 pizzas (yes sometimes you will be tired of cooking) for the evening. Chatted to my good friend TJ in Ghana to ask him if I may feature him on my blog.

So yeah, just finished his story.

Can't believe we are almost done, 2 more days to go...

If I can make it, you'll be better than me as I sneaked out couple of times to get fresh air a couple of times. One Love and peace!!

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