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Cold As Ice..

According to the weatherman forecast this week and next it will be mostly very cold here in Latvia.

The weather is mostly dry and temperatures will be well below freezing (max -8°C/ min -14°C on Sat night), while the Wind will be generally light.

Well that's damn cold if you ask me but will it stop me from having fun?

NO, I am a lover of life and I use every opportunity to appreciate and enjoy my moments called life.

Today, Thursday the 14.01. it was my day off from work, so I convinced my wife to head out with me and appreciate the Snow.

A white blanket covers the grounds of the capitol city Riga and its surroundings.

I felt like a kid again (I grew up in East Germany during my childhood, but forgot how to have fun in the European winter).

Whether its Namibian desert hot or Latvian winter cold you can't stop me from heading out, having a blast and enjoying. I have one life and I live it


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