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Chillaxing at JIP Mārupīte Lake

The beginning of the month May was ushered in by a nice long weekend.

My family and I decided to visit lake JIP Mārupīte, a beautiful activity and relaxation park complete with its own beach and lake just outside Riga.

In fact from our home in Tiraine it is located only a few kilometres away from it.

The location is a perfect spot to relax in the summer sun and chill with family or friends while enjoying a delicious barbecue and drinks.

There are a number of fun activities to choose from, including beach soccer, beach volleyball, frisbee golf and wakeboarding. A restaurant there spoils those who don't want to prepare their own food.

I celebrated my first birthday in Latvia in 2020 at the lake, since then I love to visit the beautiful lake in the middle of a forest every summer.

On our hike to the lake on the 1st of May we stopped by the little Spar shop situated in our neighbourhood where we stocked up on some food and drinks for our picnic.

At first the sun was out but it only gave us a false sense of hope, because by midday it started become chilly and windy.

Dressed warm we walked through the beautiful green forest,past streams of water while the birds were singing their beautiful melodies,relaxation at its best.

At the lake we found shelter in one of the tents set up there and had our lunch, but because it was very chilly near the water at some point we decided to hike back home.

It was still a day well spent and I recommend lake JIP Mārupīte to anyone who wants to head into nature, get away from the capital city Riga and chill out at a lake in the middle of a beautiful forest. Just do yourself a favour and come in summer when its warm.

Lake JIP Mārupīte


Ežiņi, Mārupe, Mārupes nov. LV-2167


+371 29431054


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