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Catching the Winter Sun

Autumn is officially coming to an end here in Latvia and months of winter are about to start.

From about 16h00 the day turns dark into night and it will continue for months.

I'm disappointed that the Covid 19 Corona epidemic cases in Europe are increasing and many people are getting infected and die unnecessary.

Many European countries have started going into lockdown and Latvia is no exception, from next week the restaurants and many other public places of gatherings will be will shut down for a months.

Yesterday my wife Leila and I also learned that Joe Biden will be the next president of the USA and Kamala Harris his Vice President.

This means Donald Trump who in my eyes did more to divide the people of USA than to unite them, has been voted out for good.

Kamala Harris will also become the first female(Indian/ Jamaican heritage) Vice President of the USA.Immigrants have always been the success of the United States.

Leila and I decided to celebrate the last day of Corona lockdown by stepping out into the cold.

Our favourite place of all places of course in Riga, the capitol city of Latvia is Old town filled with many attractions and restaurants.

It was a chilly day but we enjoyed walking around and enjoying the last sunny days before the real cold sets in. We found this Texas Steak restaurant where we spent time enjoying real Latvian made steak.

Our waiter told me from tomorrow they will be closed for a month.

I truly salute all the people working in tourism that make sure people like us are always entertained and well fed.

Keep your head up as this too shall pass.

Steiku Haoss Restaurant

Phone: +371 67222419


Sunday – Thursday

12.00 – 23.00

Friday – Saturday

12.00 – 01.00

Nestled in the heart of Riga, Steiku Haoss is a family restaurant run by two generations.

It’s the destination of choice for serious steak lovers, who are on the lookout for the finest quality meat. From steak haoss (chaos in English) to a steakhouse, the restaurant boasts a reputation for first-rate cuisine, exceptional service, and genuine hospitality.

The next month or so I will be mostly be indoors working from home and eating healthy and exercising.

Mental health is important so make sure you do take good care of yourself.

I also believe that 2020 has made us more resilient and appreciate the finer things in life.

We all live once, make the best of it.

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