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Blessed 2022

As each year is ushered in, it suddenly feels like the whole world gets a fresh start.

New Year’s Eve and the days surrounding it have an air of excitement and new possibilities. After all, it’s not only the calendar year that changes, but many of us make goals for personal transformation as well. Whatever plans you have set out for yourself, may you succeed and be healthy as well.

This year my daughter Ondeya is turning 1 year old and will attend creche. We are so excited about that.

I had a rather quiet New Years eve and spent the weekend with my family and a friend, Riza from Turkey who flew in for a visit.

The cold was relentless, especially at the Baltic Sea in Jurmala, but we all still had fun.

Riza thank you for making the short noticed effort to visit us, I love the Turkish delights you brought as a present.

We look forward to return your favour and visit you in Turkey soon.

Again I wish all of you a prosperous and healthy year 2022.

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