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Bakari Henderson Foundation

The Life Of Bakari

Bakari Henderson is the beloved son of Phil and Jill Henderson and brother of P.J. and Jory hailing from the USA.I met Jill & Phil in Greece after I read about their son's tragic story and I feel we are family now.

At 22, Bakari was murdered on the Greek island of Zakynthos on 7-7-2017 while pursuing his dream of launching Bakari Luxury Sportswear, his clothing line, which he conceptualized as a young teenager. 

Albanian racist murders didnt like his presence.

Jill & Phil are some of the greatest people God allowed me to meet in my life, and they are

are keeping his legacy alive.

He visited China, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, England, Monaco, Columbia, and Greece using money he saved from his various business ventures.

His passion and love for people of all cultures is honored through the mission of The Bakari Foundation. Bakari lived by the motto, “Plan B is for those who are not confident in their Plan A”.  

He was confident about his plan in life, inquisitive about all things financial and global and relentless in achieving his goals as an entrepreneur. 

Bakari was a quiet storm who shared his love and compassion with family and friends, by sharing thoughtful sentiments, and encouraging words. Through this devastating tragedy, emerges our opportunity to turn our pain into purpose by helping families heal.

It has been a journey full of trials and triumphs and our family and The Bakari Foundation would like to thank all of our corporate sponsors, donors, partners, friends, and volunteers for helping us help others.

To support the Bakari Foundation please contact:

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