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Autumn Reunion in Bergen's Embrace

Poem by Nessy Shimwafeni

In Bergen's embrace, we met once more,

childhood companions, from years before.

It was a sunny autumn weekend, with weather divine,

Reuniting people, like aged wine.

A scenic bus drive took us to Steinsdalsfossen, a waterfall's grace,

Cascading down with a gentle embrace.

Warm smiles on cold faces, beneath its watery veil,

Laughing and reminiscing, as our stories set sail.

At Fløyen's peak, we took our stride,

With vistas grand, our souls open wide.

The city below, bathed in golden light,

old friendships rekindled, oh, what a sight.

The years had passed, like leaves in the breeze,

But to reconnect was such an ease.

In Bergen's beauty, our spirits took flight,

As we created memories, in the warmth of the light.

Through the autumn leaves, laughters did blend,

In Norway's October with sunny weather heavenly sent.

In Bergen's embrace, under skies greyish blue,

We added pieces to our memories, in moments so true.

Nessy Shimwafeni


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