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Autumn Arrives

A childhood friend of mine recently passed away.

It made me realise even more that tomorrow is never promised and all that we can do is enjoy the Now that we have and look forward to tomorrow.

Wake up everyday and appreciate the time you have with your partner, friends and family.

Saturday, 05.09.2020

It was a off weekend for me and we decided to make full use of it. With a full program on Saturday we visited the Daugavgrīvas Cietoksnis - its a name difficult to pronounce but its basically an old German military fort.

Daugavgrīvas fortress has a significant place in the history of Latvia. Bible translator Johann Ernst Glück was living here in 1680-1683, and duringWorld War Ithe first unit of Latvian troops was established here. The fortress was conquered by the 9th Latvian Freedom Fight The Rēzekne Infantry Regiment (1919). Today the fort is a monument of national significance.

We used the place for a photoshoot.

The place is deserted and its a shame that it was not turned into a museum that is well looked after.

For lunch we stopped at this small restaurant Paradize, where I believe they haven't seen foreigners in a long time. The service was good and the food excellent.


+371 29504074

After our excursion we headed back to Riga where we met Viktorija Matvejva a self taught artist and student. I commissioned her to paint a portrait of my wife Leila and I and she met us in Old town Riga to present us with it.

Viktorija does drawings, sketching, felting and fluid art.I am a new fan of hers and so is my wife.

When in Latvia make sure you get yourself one of her art pieces.

Contact Viktorija


Facebook: Viktorija Matvejeva


Sunday, 06.09.2020

Slept long and rested well.

Today I met some of my work colleagues for lunch in Riga.

We normally only meet online via work, so it was good to see the faces behind all the chats.

We suggested that we meet once a month to catch up and exchange ideas.

Thanks Anna, Micha and Ojars for making time to hook up.

It was a good weekend well spent and thanks again to my dear wife and travel organiser Leila.

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