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Artistic Scenes & Brazilian flavours

I recently had to work on a Saturday, while the weather outside was sunny and warm.

With the month of May spring has slowly arrived and being Namibian and African, I adore Sunshine and good moods.

Many restaurants & Cafes in Riga have reopened and serve drinks and food on their outdoor terraces.

On my way home I decided to call and check up on my friend Quad whom I had met here in Riga. He spontaneously invited me to join him and try some Brazilian food his friend Vanessa, a chef and caterer prepares.

Tallinas ielas Kvartāls

The place we met is called Tallinas ielas Kvartāls, a popular place for locals to hang out in Riga.It is an area filled with bars, pop up food stalls, graffiti, live music and has a very artistic feel about it.

Vanessa moved to Latvia from Brazil many years ago and has established herself in Riga and speaks Latvian.

Quad further introduced me also to Vanessa's husband Rodrigo, also from Brazil, who is a musician and has his own band.

Together Vanessa and Rodrigo bring you unique and delicious flavours for your mouths & ears from Brazil.

Vanessa serves amongst other dishes traditional Brazilian Food, offers Brazilian food classes and Brazilian samba shows with Samba classes.

And believe me her food is yummy.

This was also not my last time to visit Tallinas ielas Kvartāls.Thank you for a good time Quad..

Adrese: Tallinas iela 6, Rīga, LV-1001 E-mail:

Vanessa Rufino

For bookings and Orders Contact

Instagram: @neessarufino

Whatsapp: +371 25802258

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