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Day 2 of Holiday: Tuesday, 15.09.2020


I woke up late, enjoyed a late delicious breakfast, that's holidays for you my people.

Staying 2 days in a city gives you the necessary glimpse of what it has to offer.

Today I wanted to see the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, its famed for housing international artists in Latvia. Latvians know how to appreciate Art and I love it.

Mark Rothko Art Centre

+371 654 30273

FB: Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Twitter: @rotkocentre

Instagram: markrothkoartcentre

One of 21st century’s most ambitious cultural projects in Eastern Europe, DAUGAVPILS MARK ROTHKO ART CENTRE, is a multifunctional hub for contemporary art, culture and education, located in the historical artillery arsenal building of Daugavpils Fortress.

It is the only place in Eastern Europe where visitors can see original works by Mark Rothko 1903-1970, the world-renowned Daugavpils-born American artist, master of abstract expressionism and colour field painting.

Temporary projects take up 2000 square metres of gallery space and offer more than 40 different shows per annum, featuring some of the finest contemporary art projects in different media by regional, Latvian and international artists.

We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the beautiful arts they exhibited.

The weather was changing from sunny to chilly but it added to the unique atmosphere.

Leila and I are enjoying the best that Latvia has to offer.

Tomorrow will be one of the best days, we are going sleep and stay in a very religious place that even the Pope has visited.

So watch out for tomorrow.

I'm excited, To be continued.....

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