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Day 2 of Quarantine

Settling In.

It feels like the beginning of an extended holiday, woke up only around 11 a.m.

Me analyzing current events and writing the blog

I got up to my now to my daily routine, 20 minutes of exercise, and meditation. I took a bath and trimmed my beard, decided to remain in my pajamas. Outside it's raining, and the weather forecast predicted 3-5 Degrees. Reading the daily global news is now part of my nature. No desire to read more bad news today, so I watch Netflix's Rise of Empires - Ottoman.

We don't go out - my wife just goes to the local shop to buy some essential food

I surfed the Internet and brushed up on my travel blog. My wife Leila spoilt me with a healthy and nutritious brunch, and for dinner, I prepared some rice and chicken. It was a good slow day - tomorrow, I try to break routine.

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