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Afronauts - Life consists of Moments

Ever since I was bitten by the travel bug way back, I try as much as possible to head out and experience new places and meet new people.

Once I started, I just couldn't stop. I often feel happiest when I am out there lost in new adventures. Of course its not always possible like now during the Covid 19 lockdowns. Traveling also has to be planned and budgeted for.

Imagine if money was never an issue and we could all travel to all corners of planet Earth any time we please (sorry this lockdown has me daydreaming again :)

I enjoy getting lost in some alleys in a new city, I feel blessed when I forge new trails in nature or meditate in the middle of nowhere.

I love to learn from people with a different culture than mine.

My journey is a never ending adventure.

Now that my wife and I recently became new parents to a daughter,

I rightly put my travel plans on hold. Of course I look forward to when my daughter is old enough to travel with us.

Today while reading CNN news online, I came across this interesting story of Nancy Lova who is a black traveller and photographer and who has been to many corners of the world.

In the article(see link below) she pens her thoughts and experiences as a female black traveler.

In it She rightly says unfortunately black travelers are still a rarity and may encounter racism & ignorance in some parts of the world.

But that should never deter anyone from travelling and there is still much work to be done.

As an Afronaut I like to challenge stereotypes and educate minds no matter where I find myself. Have a good read and let me know your thoughts...

1 Love, Nessy

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