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A Namibian Latvian

Meet Emilia Sindila. She is a half Latvian half Namibian, currently living and studying in England. Together with her Namibian boyfriend Olof they visited Latvia and her family for the summer holidays.

Emilia's father hails from the Okavango region in Namibia and her mom is from Latvia.

Emilia is currently studying in Portsmouth, England.

She has a younger brother and sister, and considers her siblings and herself a rare mix of cultures and countries coming from opposite sides of the world.

She grew up in Namibia's capitol city Windhoek and spent her summer holidays in Latvia with her Latvian family. Emilia calls Namibia home because that is were she spent most of time. She says she has more friends and family living in Namibia from her days at school. It does not make Latvia any less of a home to her though. Growing up sometimes felt like she did not belong in any country because she did not follow traditions of either country but as she got older she realised that she does not need to belong to any country as the world is changing, and that there are millions of third cultured people that are able to relate to each other more than to one specific country. Today she identifies herself as a mixed person coming from two countries and not specifically from one and living in a complete different country.

Emilia's boyfriend Olof also from Namibia is of German decent and very proud to be a farm boy from Namibia. His family are farming and he mentioned the nature in Latvia is as unique as back home. This young couple is open minded and see beyond the skin colour of a human being. And that is what the world needs more of, because racism is wrong.

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