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A Day at the International Museum

I had a crazy, busy week at work which kept me glued to my Home office Pc for days.

Yesterday Friday, the 23 October I had an off day and decided to go see the doctor to get my Vitamin D check up and doses(due to the lack of sunshine its low and I had to get supplements).

Since I had almost the day available my wife Leila and I decided to head to the Art museum in Riga's old town.

The weather outside was rainy and cold so I enjoyed the warmth of the museum very much.

The Art Museum offers a variety of international exhibitions and I liked them all especially the Indian and the Chinese one. Definitely worth a visit when you are in Riga.

The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE (Rīgas Birža)

The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE is an architectural monument of national importance.

It was built between 1852 and 1855 in the style of a Venetian renaissance palazzo symbolising wealth and plenitude.

The design was by the St. Petersburg architect of German origin Harald Julius Bosse (1812-1894) and for the first time in its history, all the rooms are open to the public.

In 2013 the RIGA BOURSE was given a special commendation by the European Museum Forum and became one of Europe’s eight most successful museums that have opened in the last two years.

The museum is a place for cultural exchange where excellence is more important than the artist’s national origin.

The museum strives to be a meeting point between west and east and the displays and exhibitions also offer a dialogue between expressions of classical and contemporary art.

The museum has four permanent displays – the Oriental Gallery with a broad selection of Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian traditional art as well as Latvia’s only Egyptian wood mummy sarcophagus.

The Painting Gallery has Western European works from the 16th – 19th century.

On display in the Western Gallery is a collection of 18th – 20th century West European porcelain supplemented by German and Austrian painting from the first half of the 19th century as well as early 20th century Belgian painting and there is also the Silver Cabinet.

I very much enjoyed the rich exhibitions and we spent quite some time there.

Afterwards we walked to the Black Garlic Restaurant in Old Town where we sat down and enjoyed the empty restaurant to to ourselves.

Dmitry our personal waiter gave us a 5 star service and made sure we are well looked after.

I recommend the restaurant highly.

You can find Black Garlic Restaurant:

Smilšu iela 2 1050 Riga, Latvia Tel: 25 776 607

FB: Melnais Ķiploks


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