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"A Culinary Journey: a Taste of Africa Dinner Party"

Last Saturday marked a special occasion in our Bergen apartment as Leila and I hosted a Taste of Africa dinner party, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds in celebration of good food and cultural exchange.

Over the almost 5 months since our move from Latvia to Bergen, we’ve formed connections with people from the USA, Wales, Kenya, Latvia, The Gambia, Norway, Zambia,and my home country,Namibia.

The menu for the party showcased delightful African flavors. I personally prepared oven-baked Tilapia fish served with spinach, African beans, and corn, while Felicity from Kenya contributed her homemade Oxtail stew, accompanied by a preparation of stiff porridge called Pap or Ugali at my place. Tabara from The Gambia added a savory touch with her delicious leg of lamb and Prisca prepared a stew. The culinary experience was a true fusion of tastes, symbolizing the unity of our diverse backgrounds.

As the evening unfolded, the birthday celebration for Dennis, visiting from Kenya, kicked off the festivities. Laughter and conversation filled the room as people mingled, enjoying the homemade dishes that transported them on a gastronomic journey.

To add an interactive element to the gathering, I organized an Africa-themed quiz, drawing enthusiastic participation from the guests.

After a double tie, Rodger from Norway and Dennis from Kenya emerged as the victorious duo, earning themselves small but meaningful prizes. Second placed Tammy from the USA and Prisca from Zamibia also did not walk away empty-handed.

Matt from Wales contributed to the jovial atmosphere with his infectious sense of humor, keeping everyone smiling throughout the evening.

The success of my Taste Of Africa Dinner Party affirmed my belief in the power of bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together.

The Taste of Africa dinner party served not only as a feast for the senses but also as a platform for meaningful connections and shared experiences.

Fun was had and as we bid farewell to 2023, I’m hopeful that the spirit of the Taste of... Event will live on even if someone else organises the next event, its sure to become a cherished tradition in the years to come.

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