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A.C. - After Corona

This is not about a particular year of our life where we face ups and downs, I know due to COVID pandemic the situation becomes more stressful for many of us but let’s talk about the positive sides of it.

Just like every year, this year was also started with joy, enthusiasm and positivity but as we know problems can chase us everywhere.

We generally encounter unwanted issues in our life which come like a hurricane.

We all face issues related to our homes, incomes, work, health etc. for example a research person always set up an experiment but not getting the results that means a constant failure.

Another example, a person is constantly struggling with their health and trying very hard to get better but due to the restless and hectic lifestyle, this task becomes tough.

Similarly, we all have such problems every year which doesn't fade away easily but what is so special about 2020?

Life was going the same I discussed above and at one time it became very stressful that things were not getting sorted.

Many of you can relate to this, now here comes COVID-19.

Many businesses, Airlines, schools, colleges and public places were shutting off and people started panicking. Corona caused much trauma that we all will need healing from for years to come.

But have you ever thought of the positive side of this situation?

Please don't get me wrong, I condemn the virus, and all its repercussions.

Let’s discuss it.

We all have got a break from our schedule due to which we were not able to do our favorite things.

Now, we all have chance get stress free and enjoy each and every day.

There are many people who are suffering a lot in this time, let's pray for them and also help them as much as we can.

So, those who are safe at their places and feeling negative in this time please:

Do your favorite work like cooking, reading, music or watching your favorite movie, which we all keep on complaining about, during our busy time.

I found this time really helpful for me, I can think peacefully about myself.

I can work on improving myself, my health and spend a stress free time with family.

Trust me you need some healing time in your life and remember that you are not a machine you are a beautiful human. The best example is nature 🌿🍃…. .. You all can see how nature is healing itself. If you will not work on yourself or heal youself, you will be messed up totally after working for sometime.

So, take this time positively and don't blame 2020..because it's a beautiful year like other years, we just need to change our vision. So, after a lot ups and downs this year is being superb for me till now and it will be nice in future also. . This year gave me a good break to heal myself and strengthen myself so that I can get back with full energy…😊 .. Stay attached to nature it will help you growing up as a good human…

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