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8 Months old & Lockdown

So, once again we find ourselves in a hard lockdown until the 15th November here in Latvia.

Covid19 infections keep rising and falling, hospitals are filled with mostly unvaccinated patients. Shops are closed, most people's moods gloomy like the approaching winter.

Truth be told this whole situation is getting on my flipping nerves.

Anyways let me sip my water and mind my own business...I continue to be creative during this lockdown, when not busy with home office work, I help to take care of our daughter Ondeya, eat healthy, exercise and take care of my mental and physical wellbeing.

For my spiritual growth I attend church sessions every Friday and Sunday via Zoom.

I write poetry, get to act as an extra in movies and recently my music producer Egons sent me the finished selfshot music video to our song "Immortals" (

Thank God my wife and daughter keep me company, lockdowns can either make or break relationships. In my case my family's bond is becoming stronger everyday.

Ondeya turned 8 months old on the 7th of November which is quite a milestone for us.

In summer we had a family photoshoot with over 240 pics shot by the great Evija Kruze.

Baby development at 8-9 months: what’s happening

Now my Ondeya is discovering her surroundings by crawling around, recognises herself in the mirror and just loves to spend time with Mummy and Daddy.

Babbling, clapping hands, crawling, pulling up to stand – there’s a lot happening.

At this age, the baby is having a growth spurt in his/her brain.

You’ll start to get an idea of what your child might be like in the future, as she starts showing you her personality. Her emotions are maturing too – she can express fear and also read and respond to your facial expressions.

At this age your baby might also:

  • copy sounds

  • make noises to get your attention

  • explore everything around her – for example, she might ring bells, bang blocks and find hidden objects

  • stop what she’s doing when she hears you say ‘no’

  • practise her eating skills by holding, biting and chewing food

  • start feeding herself with her fingers.

Lockdown or not the only way is forward...

Photography by: Evija Kruze

+371 28472142

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