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3 months Lockdown - Here we go again

Yesterday, Sunday the 10th October, my friend and fellow Namibian Mekondjo gave me a surprise phone call from Australia, where he lives and works. Since we are both married and fathers of young girls we talked about family.

Then our talk shifted to current news and the Covid 19 pandemic, and its seemingly never ending cycles on Infections, Deaths and lockdowns.

Mekondjo told me that Australia just came out of a 3 months hard lockdown and I informed him that Latvia where I live will be going into a 3 months winter lockdown.

Currently 46,7% of Latvia's population is vaccinated however it is not enough.

Here in Latvia the new lockdown restriction measures for vaccinated people are reasonable and lenient and they can still go shopping, eating out at a restaurant, etc., as long as they can show off their Covid19 vaccination certificate.

Unvaccinated people however will have access to only the basic needs-carrying stores - food stores, pharmacies, opticians, stores selling pet food, press, hygiene products, telecommunication products and fuel retail stations.

Around the globe it will be getting more and more difficult for unvaccinated people to travel, work, socialise and do basic things like buying groceries.

While we live in a world where everyone has the right to chose what's good for them or not, I believe that by getting vaccinated we not only protect ourselves, family, friends but also the wider public at large.

Only together can we overcome this never ending pandemic. Do the right thing..

For more information on the 3 months lockdown of Latvia visit:

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