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Whats Going On?

The world has entered the year 2021 with dramatic rises in Covid 19 infections and fatality rates, requiring more severe and longer-lasting lockdowns and often plunging economies into deeper recessions.

ONE OF THE biggest lessons from the covid-19 pandemic has been the folly of ignoring warnings about highly likely, high-impact risks that are a matter of when, not if.

For years, many governments brushed off countless credible warnings that the world was poorly prepared for a pandemic. When the novel coronavirus emerged in China, too many nations were too slow to respond.

The pandemic should encourage policymakers to pay more attention to other known but poorly managed risks. These include rising inequality, climate change and financial imbalances such as dangerous corporate-debt levels and asset bubbles. .

2021 has only recently started but already there is so much happening in our world.

I was shocked to see images of Donald Trump supporters in the USA attacking and storming the Capitol Hill, leaving behind a path of destruction.

Imagine if those people were Black Lives Matter demonstrators, many shots would have been fired.

Well enough of the Negativity..

Last Saturday my wife Leila and I took a walk through an eery quiet Riga City.

I enjoyed seeing a group of young street musicians lighting up the gloomy winter atmosphere with some groovy sounds.

We also stopped by At Beerhouse No.1 in Old Town (which is closed but offers take aways) where we bought some delicious, hot Venison soup and brotchens.

Over a safe distance I had a chat with the owner who told me how terrible times are for his business.

I salute him for not giving up and becoming innovative by offering take away food & hot Gluehwine. So if you live in Latvia, Riga make sure to buy some hot soup there.

Stay Save while we all continue to look forward to the positive things that 2021 has lined up..

BeerHouse No.1 Pub in Riga, Latvia

+371 26133605


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