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About me

Afronaut - an African self-made traveler

Hi! I am Onesmus Shimwafeni, but please call me Nessy


I am an AFRONAUT- an African Traveler, Writer&Poet and Freelancer.

I am a Creative head who likes to journey into Infinity and Beyond. 

I am a Namibian who spent his early childhood years in East Germany. 

I worked in the tourism industry of Namibia for many years and got the chance to travel around Southern Africa.

Other countries I had the privilege of living in were, China,Shanghai; Greece,Athens and Latvia,Riga. 


I am married to my Latvian wife Leila, and together we have a young daughter named Ondeya.

Currently I work from home as a Online freelancer in Bergen, Norway.

I dare to think out of the box, and I am an adventure junkie, I enjoy challenges and pushing my limits. I am a go-getter, a trendsetter who thinks global while remain African at heart.

For me, it's not good enough to let dreams remain dreams, I am going to keep living them.

One of my life's goals is to change negative stereotypes about Africa. I see myself as a cultural Ambassador of Africa to the world. 

Through my Creativity, I continue to inspire, build cultural bridges, and motivate others, no matter where. 


I invite you to follow my blog and join me along my Travels and Explorations. Let me share my thoughts with you.

3,2,1 - Here we go!

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