About me

Afronaut - an African self-made traveler

Hi! I am Onesmus Shimwafeni, but please call me Nessy. 

I am an Afronaut, an African self-made traveler, poet, and creative head who likes to journey into Infinity and Beyond. 

I was born in Angola, grew up in Germany and Namibia, and after my tourism studies, I worked as a tour guide for many years and got the chance to travel to Africa and live in Asia for a while. I speak 5 languages, and after many years as a bachelor, I finally met my soul mate and wife Leila from Latvia, Europe, and currently, our home and base are in Riga, Latvia, from where we explore the world. My travel bag is always packed and ready.

I dare to think out of the box, and I am an adventure junkie, I enjoy challenges and pushing my limits. I am a go-getter, a trendsetter who thinks global while remain African at heart. ​

For me, it's not good enough to let dreams remain dreams, and I am going to keep living them.

One of my life's goals is to change negative stereotypes about Africa and Africans. I see myself as an Ambassador of Africa to the world. 

Through my Creativity, I continue to inspire, build cultural bridges, and motivate others, no matter where. 


I invite you to follow my blog and join me along my travels and explorations. 

3,2,1 - Here we go!